Integrated Process Scheme for Hydrogen Production and Carbon Dioxide Methanation


The main objective of this project is to design a plant that integrates H2 production with the conversion of CO2 to produce CH4 for industrial operation. The project aims to reduce CO2 emissions to aid in global warming reduction initiatives, develop solutions to mitigate fluctuations in renewable energies, and combat the dependency on fossil fuels. Process configuration, equipment selection, technical specifications, feedstock analysis, and practical design elements will all be deliberated to achieve an optimal plant design. The process was divided into three sections, section 100 includes carbon capture, section 200 focuses on H2 production, and section 300 details the methanation of CO2 and H2. The major units designed are an absorption column, regeneration column, PEM electrolyzer, and two variations of a methanation reactor. Additionally, the design of this plant considers economic feasibility, unit operability, and safety in order to satisfy current and future energy demands.


  • Seamus Glazier
  • Georgia Auger
  • Matthew Tutty
  • Claire Moynihan
  • Kathryn Zanetti