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Dr. Ajay Ray and his ISC team helped a Russian University to secure special funding

Professor Ajay Ray is serving as member of International Scientific Council (ISC) of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) of Russian Federation recently helped TPU securing special funding from Russian Ministry of Education. Professor Ray is one of the 8-member ISC committee chaired by Dr. Dan Shechtman (winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2011) and consist of among others eminent researchers such as Dr. Manfred Horvat (principal advisor to European Union on research and technology policy), Dr. Konrad Osterwalder (former Rector of ETH Zurich and United Nations University), Dr. Eberhard Umbach (former President of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany) and Dr. Horst Hippler (President of the German’s Rector’s Conference). The ISC provides expert assessment of all major scientific and innovative development projects of TPU.

The Ministry of Higher Education of Russian Federation in a major initiative formed a Council on Global Competitiveness Enhancement of Russian Universities, also known as the 5/100 initiative, dedicated to enhancing Russian Universities global competitiveness, aims to enable 5 Russian universities to enter the top 100 world university ranking by 2020. The Ministry of Education will distribute additional 10.15 billion rubles (nearly US$ 300 million) in 2015-16 as special funding among the 10 key Russian Universities as part of its “Development of Education on Global Competitiveness” program. On March 20, 2015, Dr. Ray and his ISC team helped TPU in presenting and defending “TPU road map” on the implementation of the program for promoting the competitiveness for 2015-2016 academic year to the 5/100 Council members. The 5/100 Council ranked TPU as the top university among the 14 key universities reviewed by the Council, and will, therefore, receive the biggest slice of the pie this year.