Schulich School of Dentistry and Medicine Biomedical Engineering Faculty of Engineering

Master's (MESc)



* Honours graduates from other disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physiology, Biology, Medicine, Dentistry, Medical Biophysics and Mathematics may also be admitted but may also be required to take additional courses to accommodate engineering deficits.

Our Program

Our master’s program includes at least 4 course credits. Students may choose from BME 500/600-level courses or from approved graduate courses in allied disciplines. Course complement must include required core courses (2 credits) and electives in BME or Imaging or Biomechanics/Biomaterials (2 credits), Non-credit graduate seminar—Students must enrol in BME 699 Graduate Seminar II, a non-credit graduate seminar that involves one seminar presentation, attendance of the seminar series, and participation in a journal club.

How to Apply

Please visit our How to Apply website.