Schulich School of Dentistry and Medicine Biomedical Engineering Faculty of Engineering

Applying to Biomedical Engineering at Western

Admission to the Biomedical Engineering Program is a three-part process:

  1. The applicant completes a formal application on the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS) website at:
  2. The University reviews the application and determines whether the applicant is academically acceptable for entry. 
  3. Applicants must seek a faculty supervisor.  A full listing of our faculty is listed on our website at  Your email subject line should state 'SEEKING FACULTY SUPERVISOR FOR BME PROGRAM'.
  4. Successful applicants are provided an offer of admission by SGPS.

Important Information

All applications for Biomedical Engineering are completed online. As part of your online application, you must include the following:

  1. transcripts or academic records for all post secondary institutions attended;
  2. at least two (2) references; and
  3. proof of English Language Proficiency - information about the acceptable forms of English Language Proficiency is available on Western’s School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.

Please note that incomplete applications cannot be considered for admission.  

You are encouraged to contact faculty directly through our Faculty Listing.  For more information on applications, please visit the Successful Applications page.


March 1 for Summer Term (May-August)

July 1 for Fall Term (September-December)

November 1 for Winter Term (January-April)

* Please note:  If you are an international applicant, you should apply much earlier than the posted deadlines to allow for study permit processing if admitted.

Once a decision has been made regarding your application, you will be notified.  If you have not received notification of the status of your application, a decision has not been made.