Schulich School of Dentistry and Medicine Biomedical Engineering Faculty of Engineering


Your course selections must be discussed and approved by your supervisor to ensure they meet degree requirements. Unless specified each elective course counts as 1 credit.

MESc Program Requirements


PhD Program Requirements

As a PhD student, your course requirements depend on your stream as outlined below.

If you have a prior graduate degree in a related field, your course requirements are:

If you are a direct-entry PhD, or have re-classified from the MESc program, your course requirements are:

If you are an MD/PhD student, your course requirements are:

If you entered the BME MESc program prior to September 1, 2015, BIOMED 9508 may be substituted with BIOMED 9501, BIOMED 9502 or BIOMED 9530.

BME Elective Courses

Course Electives Outside BME

Note: If you are taking a course from another department and wish credit towards your degree, please complete the Course Credit for External Graduate form.

A maximum of one professional development course may satisfy one elective requirement upon approval by the Program Director or Graduate Chair.

Below is a list of recommended courses electives outside BME.

  • ECE 9305 - Applied Probability Theory I       
  • ECE 9503 - Robot manipulators       
  • ECE 9510 - Telerobotics      
  • CS 9587 - Algorithms for Image Analysis   
  • CS 9645 - Intro to Computer Vision             
  • CBE 0241 - Nanotechnology             
  • MSK 9000 - Musculoskeletal Health Research A: Biomedical and Bioengineering Concepts           
  • MSK 9100 - Musculoskeletal Health Research B: Fundamental Concepts in Clinical and Health Services Research
  • MBP 9518 - Molecular Imaging          
  • MBP 9522 - Inferencing from data analysis  
  • MBP 9662 - Intro to MRI & Spectroscopy      
  • MBP 9665 - Advanced MRI Physics  
  • MBP 9663 - MRI Physics       
  • MME 9629 - Actuator principles, integration and control        
  • Path 9520 - Public-private partnerships in cancer research   
  • Physics 9029 - Data and Error Analysis 
  • Physics 9655 - Radiological physics and desimetry  
  • PHYS 2130 / PHYSIOL 9130 - Physiology for Biomedical Engineering (2 credits)
  • BIOPHYS 9603 - Research Ethics and Biostatistics