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BIOMED 9545: Cellular Bioengineering - (1 credit)

This course focuses on applied cellular and molecular biology for the development of cell-based therapeutics in regenerative medicine. Emphasis will be placed on how engineering principles can be applied in combination with an understanding of mammalian morphogenesis and physiology to develop bioengineering approaches to control and manipulate cellular responses in vitro and in vivo. Research in this area can involve the rational modification of cells and cellular microenvironments to develop cellbased strategies that enable functional tissue regeneration. Specific topics covered will include: cell biology and physiology in the context of cell-based therapies;  tructurefunction relationships in mammalian tissues; cellular interactions in the context of embryonic development, homeostasis and tissue regeneration; cellular biomechanics; engineered cellular microenvironments; regenerative cell populations; and biological assays and tools to characterize cellular responses in 3-D systems.  Engineering models of cellular behaviour, including receptor/ligand interactions, signal transduction pathways, proliferation, differentiation, and migration, will be discussed.

Course Outline

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