Geofrey Yamomo

Geofrey (Geof), an Oshawa native, completed his Bachelors of Engineering Science (BESc) degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Western Ontario. During his time as an undergraduate student, he worked as a research assistant manufacturing and characterizing composite materials.

Geof’s research focuses on the design and manufacturing of an energy harvesting load sensing device for total knee replacements (TKR). Through the collaboration with researchers at Binghamton University and Stony Brook University, the load sensing device is designed to both generate its own electricity and acquire force data using the triboelectric effect. Geof is responsible for the design and manufacturing of the package that will house the sensors and the accompanying circuitry within the total knee replacement. He will also be responsible for the mechanical testing of the load sensing system using an AMTI VIVO joint simulator.

Geof has also been involved with other projects such as the measurement of fixation stability in 3D printed augments used in revision total knee replacements (rTKR), and comparing the kinematics and laxity of cruciate-retaining (CR) and cruciate-sacrificing (CS) TKRs.

Geof enjoys the serenity of the woods. He explores the natural environment through camping, fishing, and canoeing. He enjoys playing football (soccer) to stay active. He enjoys cooking for friends and family.