Alireza (Ali) Moslemian

 Alireza grew up in Tehran, Iran. He received his bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology, one of the tier 1 university in Iran. He started his master’s right after his undergrad in Western University in 2017 under supervision of Dr. Ryan Willing.

Alireza’s research focuses on developing better understanding of ligaments and how they contribute in knee stability. This has required measuring the translation of the knee and forces of ligaments during different loading scenarios. Through this work, he has been able to characterize posterior oblique ligament and deep medial collateral ligament. He has presented this work at Canadian Bone and Join biannual conference (2018). Alireza is also looking at two different surgical approaches to total knee replacements to see how the force contribution of medial and lateral changes after each surgical approach. You can read more about his research on the “Research page”.

In Alireza’s spare time, he works out and plays soccer, futsal and badminton. He enjoys traveling and cooking. After finishing his masters, he plans to work on designing implants and surgical tools.