Load in and load out

Access to the Thompson Recreation and Athletic Centre (TRAC)

The TRAC main floor - where the pits and field are located - is accessible from a set of double doors adjacent to the facilities loading dock. 

  • Load in will be from 3pm-5pm on April 6, 2018. 
  • Teams will not have a specific time for load-in, but we ask that you be patient as everyone unloads.
  • Once teams have unloaded their robot, other larged wheeled or heavy items we ask that you park in the Huron Flats Parking Lot and bring in your other items by hand. 
  • Parking is free for teams in the Huron Flats Parking Lot and they will be allowed to park their trailers there. 
  • Follow instructions from event staff and parking services at all times.