Absences and Academic Consideration

Engineering Absences & Academic Consideration Policy

Self Reported Absences

If your absence is short term and unexpected then you may be eligible to use the Self-Reported Absence Form.  You can view the Eligibility Conditions and your responsibilities HERE.

Completing a Self-Reported Absence Form will only notify your instructor(s) of your absence within the acceptable absence timeframe. You are responsible for contacting your instructor(s) within the appropriate amount of time to make arrangements to complete the missed coursework.

To use the Self-Reported Absence Form:

  • Log into: Western Student Center
  • Click on the Self-Reported Absence link located on the right-hand side under Student Services Links.
  • Carefully read the instructions and complete the Form, indicating each of the courses that you will miss during your absence.
  • Email your instructor(s) following your Self-Reported absence to discuss a new deadline/make-up date.


Academic Consideration Request

*If you are unable to report using the Self-Reported Absence system because you do not meet one or more of the the conditions, then you will need to: 

Fill out a Request for Academic Consideration Form and submit it with documentation (see below for details on types of documentation). 

If you are unable to provide documentation, please fill out the No Documentation Declaration Form along with the Request for Academic Consideration Form.

If what you are missing is under 10% of your final grade, you will need to submit these to your Engineering Department office (CBE, CEE, ECE, MME). If what you are missing is over 10% of your final grade, you will need to submit these to the Undergraduate Services Office, SEB 2097. First year students always submit all request through the Undergraduate Services Office, SEB 2097.

*ALL forms and documentation must be emailed to engugrad@uwo.ca.*