Robert Gratton
Business Captain
Robert is responsible for budgeting, financial management, fundraising, transportation, and the paddling team. Robert is in his third year of Civil Engineering, Structural Option.  Being responsible for the concrete and presentation in the past, he is ready to take on his role as Business Captain. This year Robert, and the other executives, will take WECCA to the top tier of competition.
Alicia Lenny
Logistics Captain
Alicia is responsible for overseeing the technical report, presentation, and team communications. Alicia is in her fourth year of Mechanical Engineering.
Alex Cook
Construction Captain
Alex is responsible for oversight of the mix, reinforcement, mould design, mould and canoe construction. Alex is in his fourth year of Civil Engineering, Structural Option and his fourth year on the team.
Megan Jane and Matthew Boeringa
Heads of Materials Design
Megan with her vice Matt are taking responsibility for the concrete and reinforcement of the 2015-16 canoe.  Both are in the Sturctural Option of Civil Engineering.
Mitch Morrision
Head of Mould Design & Construction
Which with his vice Andrew are working on the 2015-16 mould design and construction.  They will be working on creating a new mould system to ease construction and enhance the canoes quality. Mitch has completed his second year of Chemical Engineering and is currently in his first year at the IVEY School of Business.
Becky Reith
Paddling Coordinator
Becky is in her fourth year on the team and of Green Process Engineering.  She served as an external advisor last year as she was in Hershey, Pennsylvania doing an intership at Hershey. Her job title you ask; Licorice Engineer.
Ellen McGran
Head of Web Design
Ellen is in her second year of MIT and first year on the team.  She served as WECCA's #1 fan in the 2014-15 season.
Sam Farrow and Claire Phelps
Head of Graphic Design
Megan is in her third year of civil engineering and this is her second year on the team.