The Undergraduate Engineering Society is dedicated to providing the best Western experience to our students. Our student council consists of student representatives from each year and discipline as well as commissioner and directors. Approximately forty students are actively involved in planning and running events, academic sessions and producing publications. As a student council our mission is to enhance the student experience of each Western Engineering undergrad by providing any necessary services.

Every year we run several charity and sports events as well as an Engineering/Nursing joint formal. We actively lobby students academic concerns and represent Western at Engineering Student Societies Council of Ontario (ESSCO) and Canadian Federation of Engineer Students (CFES) conferences.
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UES President: Jake Carman

VP Academic: Jason Brown

VP Comm: Amy Hsieh

VP External: Olivia Gillis

VP F&A: Nick Zeeb

VP Internal: Kathryn Kim

VP Social: Braden Lunn
Undegraduate Engineering Society 2013-2014

The Undergraduate Engineering Society
Spencer Engineering Building
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 5B9
Phone: 519 661 2111 Ex 83609


Jake Carman
Kathryn Kim
VP Internal
Amy Hsieh
VP Communications
Nick Zeeb
Jason Brown
VP Academic
Olivia Gillis
VP External
Braden Lunn
VP Social

Commissioners and Directors

Andrea Hall
Colleen Woods
Yearbook Editors
Mandolin Bartling
Marketing Director
Steele Gibson
Creative Director of Merchandise
Danielle Aucoin
Store Manager
Jeff Barss
Assets Manager
Alina Lalji
1st Year Social Director
Mark Broadfoot
2nd Year Social Director
Tara Tabatabai
3rd Tear Social Director
Aly Overholt
4th Year Social Director
Adam Matyja
WEWcoming Director
Laura Perry
Alumni Commissioner
Ashley Chow
Electronic Communications Commissioner
Alex Martin
Hannes Filler
Purple Arm Editors
Mikaela Ferguson
Charity Commissioner
Robby O'Brien
Sports Commissioner
Lucas Allaer
Outreach Commissioner
Jordan Auzam
Environmental Commissioner
Dayna Schols
Head Soph
Khalid Backtash
Professional Development
Jai Sood
Alex Breese
WEC Chair
Jordan Lloyd
Clubs Commissioner
Carl Botha
International Commissioner

Year Representatives

Alison Findlay
Mechanical IV
Jessica Girling
Civil IV
Eric Lefebvre
Mechatronics IV
Kevin Romano
Electrical IV
Brent Parsons
Integrated IV
Jessica Asuncion
Software IV
Sharon Flaherty
Chemical IV
Claire Sauve
Harrison Gibson
Integrated III
Jason Ng
Mechanical III
Ian Wood
Software III
Andrew Cullen
Mechatronics III
Tessa Lenonard
Electrical III
Andrew Ruttinger
Chemical III
Alex Duchesne
Civil III
Aly Klein
Chemical II
Jordyn Kent
Civil II
William Christodoulou
Electrical II
Lucas Tartaglia
Mechanical II
Alex Matyas
Mechatronics II
Blake Vanberlo
Software II
Yi Sun
Integrated II
Gregory Evans
First Year
Gregory Sideris
First Year
Danlei Chen
First Year
James Melisek
First Year

USC Representative

Tom Grainger
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