Ph.D. Candidates

Sudhan Banik Assessment of tornado hazard for Southern Ontario
David Henderson Fatigue failure of metal roofing due to wind loads
Eri Iizumi Behaviour of glass plates under dynamic wind loading and windborne debris
Bahareh Kordi Trajectory of wind borne plate debris
Zhigang Liu Discrete Vortex Simulations of the Flow Around Bluff Bodies
Murray Morrison Full-scale testing of wind loads on houses
Partha Sarathi Experimental study of the scalar concentration field in turbulent flows
Zachary Taylor Vortex induced oscillations of elongated bluff bodies

M.E.Sc. Students

Adam Kirchhefer Aerodynamics of a yellow throated sparrow

Undergraduate Students

Mark Bruder  
Predicting upper and lower bounds for tornado wind speeds
Scott Young Wind loads on trees


Sang-Won Cho   Post Doctoral Fellow - Structural loading distributions for low-rise building wind pressure
Anton Vernet   Post Doctoral Fellow - Pattern recognition analysis of critical points in turbulent flow
Yingzhao Chen Ph.D. and Post Doctoral Fellow - Time series simulations of wind-induced pressures on low buildings
Rupp Carriveau Ph.D. - Formation mechanisms of hydraulic intake vortices
Mark Nywening M.E.Sc. - The effects of geometry on wind loads of low-rise buildings
Emanuela Palombi M.E.Sc. - Effects of geometry on the flow around elongated cylinders
Bill Holmes M.E.Sc. - Experimental investigation of velocities downstream of an axial flow fan for guide vane design
Jeong Hee Oh M.E.Sc. - Wind-induced pressures in low-rise bulidings
Sharul Sham M.E.Sc. - The suppression of periodic vortex shedding from a rotating circular cylinder
Steve Farquhar M.E.Sc. - Wind tunnel and uniform pressure testing of a standing seam metal roof model
Jose Terres-Nicoli M.E.Sc. - The torsional vortex-induced response of the Storebaelt Bridge
Mohit Pande M.E.Sc. - Hurricane windfield simulations
Lizeanne St. Pierre M.E.Sc. - Evaluation of wind load provisions low buildings
Mark Blissitt   M.E.Sc. - Experimental investigation of a uniform turbulent shear flow with multi-wire thermal anemometry
Tanya Ellison M.E.Sc. - High turbulence intensity wake measurements with a four-wire probe
Sean Bailey M.E.Sc. - The effects of wall proximity on vortex shedding from a square cylinder
Patricia Quiroga M.E.Sc. - Uncertainty analysis of surface pressure measurements on low-rise buildings
Chris Mans M.E.Sc. - Effects of parapets on wind loads for low-rise buildings
Brent Visscher B.E.Sc. - Trajectories of roof sheathing in high wind

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