Research Interests


Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Research

  • Identifying coherent structures (large turbulent 'eddies') in turbulent shear flows with pattern recognition techniques and how these structures relate to momentum transfer, mixing and the spread of turbulence

  • The effects of bluff body geometries on vortex shedding

  • The application of rapid distortion theory to predict the effects of a uniform irrotational strain on far wake coherent structures

Since joining Western in 1997

  • Wind effects on low-rise buildings (wind loads generally, effects of parapets, loads on roof mounted equipment such as solar arrays)

  • Development and implementation of the pressure loading actuators (PLAs) for the 'Three Little Pigs' project

  • The aerodynamics of wind-borne debris with application to plywood sheathing, shingles and roof tiles

  • Codification of wind loads for low-rise buildings

  • Performance of glass panels under dynamic wind loads

  • Use of proper orthogonal decomposition, linear stochastic estimation and artificial neural networks as simulation and interpolation tools

  • Geometric (body shape) effects on vortex shedding and vortex-induced oscillations of bridge sections

  • Suppression of vortex shedding by asymmetric geometries, in particular suppression of shedding from rotating cylinders and from square cylinder placed near a wall

  • Application of the discrete vortex method to flow around bridge sections

  • Formation of hydraulic intake vortices

  • Hurricane wind field models

  • Multi-wire hot-wire anemometry techniques and laser-based velocimetry (LDV and PIV)

Current interests

  • Primarily in the area of bluff body aerodynamics and wind effects on structures

  • Integration of wind tunnel and full-scale test methodologies

  • The role of turbulence on the aerodynamic loads on low-rise buildings

  • Aerodynamics of wind-borne debris

  • Geometric (body shape) effects on the vortex-induced response of long span bridges






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