CEE224 Engineering Fluid Mechanics - This is the only course in Fluid Mechanics in the undergraduate Civil & Environmental Engineering program at Western. Dr. Kopp teaches the second half of this full year course, focussing on flow in pipe networks, open channel flows and an introduction to boundary layer theory


ES639 Viscous Flow and Boundary Layer Theory - This is an introductory graduate course in fluid mechanics focusing on viscous flows and boundary layer theory. The course is offered every year; Dr. Kopp teaches it every other year in the Fall, most recently in 2006. 

Topics include:

1. Governing Equations of Motion

2. Flow Kinematics

3. Vorticity

4. Special Forms of Governing Equations

5. Some Exact Solutions

6. Low Reynolds Number Solutions

7. Boundary Layers

8. Turbulent Boundary Layers

9. Boundary Layer Separation

10. Stability and Transition to Turbulence


ES693 Bluff Body Aerodynamics - This is a graduate course focusing on the advanced fluid mechanical aspects of bluff body aerodynamics. The course is offered every other year in the Fall, most recently in 2007.

Topics include:

1. Aerodynamic Forces

2. Analysis of Time-varying Signals

3. Potential Flow Theory

4. Boundary Layers and Shear Layers

5. Separation and Reattachment

6. Effects of Turbulence on Flow Around Bluff Bodies

7. Vortex Shedding

8. Flutter

9. Quasi-steady Theory

10. Wind Tunnel Testing



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