Dr. C. Robinson - Research Compendium

Robinson, Clare


Assistant Professor - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research Director - Geotechnical Research Centre

 Dr. Robinsons research interests are in the general area of the fate and transport of contaminants in aquatic systems.  Her main fields of expertise are groundwater-surface water interactions in coastal environments, groundwater and reactive contaminant transport modeling, geochemical modeling and water supply and quality issues in developing countries.

Dr. Robinson has conducted significant research on groundwater-surface interactions in dynamic coastal environments. This work has focused on understanding water exchange processes at the aquifer-coastal water interface and the fate and transport of subsurface contaminants discharging to coastal waters. Her research is conducted via combining field monitoring, groundwater modeling and reactive contaminant transport modeling. She is currently focused on the (i) influence of groundwater-lake interactions on recreational water quality in the Great Lakes and (ii) development of advanced numerical models to predict pollutant loading to dynamic coastal waters via groundwater (ocean and inland coastal water environments).

Dr. Robinson has considerable expertise in geochemical modeling that she has applied to enhance understanding of fundamental hydrological, chemical and biological processes controlling the behavior of contaminants in aquatic systems. This modelling expertise allows her to investigate a wide range of water quality issues in natural systems and also to assist in the development and evaluation of sustainable engineering solutions. She has conducted research on improving treatment strategies for the in situ remediation of chlorinated solvents with particular consideration of the geochemical conditions. In addition, she is currently involved in investigating lead corrosion control alternatives for water distribution systems.

Improved scientific collaboration and efficient transfer of engineering solutions from the developed to the developing world are crucial to address water quality and availability issues in these nations. Dr. Robinson has been involved in a international research projects in Bangladesh focused on (1) assessing the sustainability of targeting safe aquifers in areas with elevated subsurface arsenic concentrations and (2) management and treatment of urban wastewater for reuse in agriculture. Dr. Robinson is currently involved in a project aimed at evaluating the feasibility managed aquifer recharge as a disaster water supply alternative in Southwestern Bangladesh.


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