Faculty of Engineering


Current Ontario Secondary School Students (OUAC 101) seeking admission to Western Engineering for the upcoming year must have the following required courses (six):

and one additional 4U or 4M level course from any discipline for a total of 6 courses.

All Other Undergraduate Applicants (OUAC 105) seeking admission to Western Engineering, please click here for requirements.

Western Engineering is committed to attracting top students to its modestly-sized undergraduate program by offering opportunity for customized academic options. The prerequisite list is a reflection of the Faculty’s mission to offer students a huge array of opportunities.

Western Engineering offers students the opportunity to graduate with two undergraduate degrees at the same time; participate in co-op placements, extracurricular activities and design projects; and/or earn a master's degree in just five years.

This type of education will help meet the needs of students seeking the best academic options to help shape their future career goals and employers by supplying a workforce equipped with both technical expertise and capabilities to be leaders of tomorrow.