Themes and Schedule

Western Engineering Outraech offers our dynamic and innovative Discovery Western camp programs in London, Ontario at Western University, as well as in Sarnia and Port Elgin. 

Camp Themes

Our camp is centered around engineering and science projects that are geared towards the age of our campers. All of our projects are designed from the Ontario Science Curriculum to ensure that the material is relevant, educational, and fun! Each week our campers will work on 3 to 5 projects, depending on the age and size of the class. Whether it is building a Balloon Car in the 2/3 class, designing a door alarm system in the Grade 4/5/6 class, making your own hydraulic lift bridge in the grade 7/8 class, there's something for everyone this year at DW!

This year we are offerring a variety of programs - below is a quick summary of each. 

Discovery Western Summer Camp - L1 to L7, S1, S2 and PE

Our regular programming offers two distinct curriculums (Curriculum A and B) so that your child can enjoy multiple weeks of camp. On our camp schedule page you can see which curriculum theme is featured for that week. Each week of camp will feature our popular staples of Lego Robolab, Camp Wide Stock Market and our Student Showcase. London camps will also include an afternoon of swimming. For both London and Sarnia there is the option to order a pizza lunch on Friday.  

  • NEW: SK-Grade 1 - Hands-on exploration is the focus of this program with campers investigating science and engineering through a variety of activities and games. 
  • Grade 2/3 - Activities are all about using one's imagination to build amazing creations. Students will be introduced to engineering through a variety of team activities and projects.
  • Grade 4/5/6 - Activities will focus on engineering design principles and students gain a deeper understanding into the different streams within engineering. Be prepared to build some amazing inventions!
  • Grade 7/8 - Campers in this program will combine their engineering knowledge in team-design projects that allow them to learn how to be a leader. Mentorship is a large component of this week with special guests from industry partners.

ENGventors! (Specialized Camp)

Hold onto your thinking camps as you embark on an exciting week of engineering exploration! Campers will learn from industry mentors, tour labs and have the opportunity to create super amazing projects.  This camp week digs deeper into STEM compared to Discovery Western's regular summer camp - so it is a great extension if your child is attending multiple weeks. Note: ENGventor weeks offer a completely different set of activities compared to our Curriculum A and B offerrings. 

E 2 - Engineering & Entrepreneurship (Specialized Camp)

Interested in taking your engineering skills to the next level? This exciting week will place you in a team of 2-4 students to design, prototype and create a commercial for your very own engineering invention. Learning from experts at Western Engineering campers will get an insider look at creating their own engineering product. Note: E 2 weeks offer a completely different set of activities compared to our Curriculum A and B offerrings. 

Maker Camps (Specialized Camp)

Ready to get your hack on? Campers in this program will get to work with a variety of computer based projects like programming, game creation, 3D modelling & web design. Campers will also get the opportunity to do hands-on projects related to engineering and technology such as circuit designs and learning with Arduinos. Note: Maker  weeks offer a completely different set of activities compared to our Curriculum A and B offerrings. This allows you to register for three distinct weeks of camp. 

Just for Girls Camp (Specialized Camp)

Participants will learn from female engineering counsellors and mentors about the amazing career that is engineering. Activities will highlight female engineers and focus on teamwork and creativity. Note: This week offers a completely different set of activities compared to our other weeks of camp. Additionally, in the August 8-11 class there is both a junior and senior class that is created from the Grade 4-8 students that register. 

2018 Camp Schedule

The 2018 camp schedule will be available fall 2017. Registration for 2018 camps will open February 1, 2018.