Staff Members

Please note that the below award information is updated annually in July/August. For more information, please contact Office of the Dean.

Western Award of Excellence

The Western Award of Excellence provides campus-wide recognition for the exceptional performance of Western staff. (More)

Western Engineering Recipient(s):

  • Nina Lowes – Undergraduate Services Office (2009)
  • Lesley Mounteer – External Services (2010)
  • Jan Shepherd McKee - Undergraduate Services Office (2011)
  • Eugen Porter - Electronics Shop, Electrical and Computer Engineering (2012)
  • Chris Vandelaar - University Machine Services (2014)

International Association of Business Communications (IABC) Awards

Since 1995, IABC London has recognized outstanding communications and creative professionals from across the city and region through the Virtuoso Awards program. In addition to celebrating excellence in communications, the Virtuoso Awards recognize the best in creative strategy and design. Each year, IABC London Virtuoso Awards are presented at the Virtuoso Awards Gala. (More)

Western Engineering Recipient(s):

  • Allison Stevenson - 2012 Gold Quill Award (2012)
  • Allison Stevenson – 2010 Virtuoso Gala (2011)
  • Allison Stevenson - Western Engineering Class of 2013 Recruitment/Retention Communications Strategy (2010)
  • Allison Stevenson – Engineering Now (2004)