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Coop and Internship Profiles

Watch a video to learn why a co-op or internship might be right for you.

Western Engineering offers two types of co-op opportunities: the Internship Program and the Summer Engineering Co-op Program (SECOP).

The Engineering Internship Program allows students to spend 12 to 16 consecutive months working in a paid engineering position prior to the last year of their Bachelor of Engineering Science (BESc) program. Internship provides a longer work term and more extensive experience, which ensures that students are able to work on advanced projects, seeing them through from beginning to end.

The Summer Engineering Co-op Program (SECOP) assists students in finding quality paid engineering work placements for the summer months. The duration of the co-op is four months - from May to August.

One summer placement opportunity students can consider is The Transportation Career Development Program (TCDP). A government agency, a consulting company, and a contractor formed a partnership (TCDP) to hire three first-year students interested in Civil Engineering to rotate between the organizations during each summer of their first, second and third year.

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