Civil and Environmental EngineeringWestern Engineering

Course Lockers

CEE course lockers are located on the second floor of the Spencer Engineering Building in the south east section of the building.

LockerCourse No.Course Name
51 CEE 2202a Mechanics of Materials I
52 CEE 2217a/CEE 2219b Introduction to Environmental Engineering / Computational Tools for Civil Engineers 
53 CEE 2220a/CEE 2221b Structural Theory and Design I / Structural Theory and Design II
54 CEE 2224 Engineering Fluid Mechanics
55 CEE 3326 Soil Mechanics and Hydrogeologic Engineering
56 CEE 3340a/CEE 3328b Structural Theory III / Appropriate Technologies for International Development
57 CEE 3347a/CEE 3358b Concrete Design / Structural Design III
58 CEE 4458a Risk Analysis and Decision Making
59 CEE 4465a Environmental Design for Waste Disposal
60 CEE 4490 Dynamics of Structures
61 CEE 4405a Air Pollution
62 CEE 3386a/CEE 4479b Numberical Modelling for Environmental Engineers / Subsurface Contamination By Hazardous Industrial Chemicals
63 CEE 4478b Case Studies in Civil Engineering
64 CEE 4426a Geotechnical Engineering Design
65 CEE 3341b Structural Theory IV
66 CEE 3346b Steel Design
67 CEE 3355b Municipal Engineering Design
68 CEE 3369b Materials for Civil Engineering
69 CEE 3384b Finite Element Methods in Solid Mechanics
70 CEE 4476b Environmental Hydraulic Design